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TechHeights is the leading Santa Ana IT Support Company, offering our clients customized IT services that are tailored to specific needs. Clients can trust our expertise as we work to keep critical business networks up and running, letting your company focus on the task of operating your business ventures. Our firm provides flexible plans to suit any budget, and we work with small businesses and larger companies alike. For Santa Ana IT services, TechHeights is the perfect choice for your business.

Small companies may not have the technical skills needed to manage their business networks, and for larger clients, computers and the hardware associated with them can become a full-time job to maintain. TechHeights is well-known for our comprehensive managed IT solutions in the Santa Ana area, and we’re ready to step in to help. Our services help companies maintain productivity, and our IT support services are cost-effective.

TechHeights has the experience to handle the most complex workstation and business network setups, offering IT support services that help our clients work efficiently and reduce downtime of critical systems.

Our Microsoft, VMware and Cisco certified team allows you to leverage best practices in deploying Cloud and On-premise solutions.

Fixed Cost, Flexible Plans & Great IT Support in Santa Ana.



TechHeights is the leading provider of IT support services for businesses in Santa Ana. We’ve developed a reputation for outstanding quality, and believe in forging real partnerships with our many business clients in the area.

From maintaining workstations to designing and implementing full-scale business networks, our experienced technicians and engineers have the skills and the training to complete complex projects. We can upgrade hardware, perform routine maintenance like patches and security updates, install network switches, and address security concerns. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ultimate in managed IT solutions, and we offer a range of plans to suit any budget. We have the best IT support Santa Ana has to offer, and we’re proud of our commitment to excellence in everything we do for our clients.

Here To Help

TechHeights will evaluate your immediate and future IT Support needs. With a roadmap in mind, we help deploy IT solutions that support company’s growth without disrupting the existing network.


I cannot be more thankful that I was introduced to Techheights. Between the server setup and office configurations that were needed to be done I was completely overwhelmed. I cannot stress enough how helpful, professional and knowledgable these guys are.
Brian M., Cathedral City, CA
They assisted me in the office as well as from offsite even at odd and weekend hours. They are and always will remain on my speed dial!
Thanks again!!.
Brian M., Cathedral City, CA
My experience with these guys has been great. Fast responses and they are always friendly. They moved our server and set up remote connections.
Rebeca McIntire, Property Manager, Kerymen LLC
We have called on numerous occasions and have always been very knowledgable and helpful. I would definitely recommend them!
Rebeca McIntire, Property Manager, Kerymen LLC
Was looking for a company to help me set up my website. With all the ad’s from different website company’s & assurances of making mine one of the best, I found Techeights the most sincere, efficient & very helpful.
Anil Sud, President and CEO, AROWater USA
Cool guys & took the effort to understand my business with making suggestions that I was very pleased with. Extremely satisfied with the outcome & would DEFINITELY recommend these guys. Way to go Techeights !!!
Anil Sud, President and CEO, AROWater USA
When we first contacted Shuchipan at Techheights, our main server was failing. Shuchipan scheduled an appointment the following day and thoroughly analyzed our system to determine our issues. Despite efforts to repair the system,
John Subbiondo, Director of Finance & Operations, Lombard Consulting Services Inc.
Shuchipan quickly advised us that it would be more cost-effective to replace the hardware. In the following days, TechHeights sourced an affordable new machine, installed the O/S, reconfigured the system,
John Subbiondo, Director of Finance & Operations, Lombard Consulting Services Inc.
restored our backup, and got us back on our feet with zero data-loss The system has been working perfectly ever since, and he saved us thousands of dollar of potentially unsuccessful repair efforts on the old machine and additional down time.
John Subbiondo, Director of Finance & Operations, Lombard Consulting Services Inc.
Shuchipan and his team is extremely easy to work with – they have deep IT knowledge, understands issues quickly, is an objective and logical problem solver, and generously shares his knowledge. I would recommend TechHeights highly to anyone.
John Subbiondo, Director of Finance & Operations, Lombard Consulting Services Inc.



Why Choose Tech Heights?

At TechHeights, we understand that our clients have a variety of computing needs and use a range of workstation and networking equipment. Every business we work with has unique needs, and that’s why we believe in tailoring solutions that fit our clients’ needs perfectly. Our Santa Ana IT support plans offer our clients flexibility, allowing them to choose what services they need from our comprehensive list of options. Our company has been in business since 2007, and in that time we have earned a reputation for technical excellence and some of the most responsive customer service in the industry. We support the latest network technologies, including:
• Office 365
• Microsoft Exchange
• Windows Server
• VMware Virtualization
• Cisco Servers, Networking and Wireless
• Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX
• Microsoft Azure

TechHeights offers confusion less unlimited support plans, allowing you to focus on your businesswhile reducing your IT operating costs.

For small- or medium-sized companies, TechHeights specializes in enterprise-level IT support services at prices even small businesses can afford. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients — relationships built on trust and the assurance that we offer responsive services for your business computing needs. Call TechHeights today at (213) 536-0540 to learn more about our free consultation service.